Everyone you meet is your mirror

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so then we add

"an intelligent person lives in a wise world.

a stupid person lives in a dumb world"? :)

fundamentalists are of all camps.

what about the italian mafia anyway?

they sure have fucked up the world a lot.

it is they who primarely do drug and body trafficking.

and the south american mafia - its a whole continent!

they also do blood sacrifice. it is said the mexican mafia,

if you get caught, will pressure your family for 150$ million

or they will sell your body on the black market.

same for christians who hate on jews,

which is mostly the clientelle here,

they are slaves to jews and dont realize it

(AND theyre circumsized,

AND theyre probably vaccinated or at least shedded,

AND they eat junkfood,

AND they take in MSM,

AND they have chinese slave labour smartphones).

i know in a lot of churches there are blood sacrifices.

if you look around, really get to know people,

youll find out most are satanists, not christians.

and they love their thriller movies,

they love death and murder.

its especially large in sweden

"the thriller wonder" of books,

usually books only sold in 3000 copies,

with thrillers its million of copies instead.

id say anyone who drinks alcohol is a satanist,

because you get your first spiritual awakening

when you drink, and think you talk to "god",

but its just the spirit of the alcohol

(they used to be called "spirits" after all),

so their religion is alcoholism, sadly enough.

me ive been drunk once or twice, but it wasnt for me.

turning to an idiot the more you drink,

i remember my dad in the old days,

he looked like a blubbering fool when he was drunk,

and it was often, so i retreated to

my room and my computer and CDs and notebooks

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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