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Pure evil


a reply to:


greetings. i am the strongest / purest humanoid on earth.

how? i have barely ever taken any stimulants, not even coffee or tea. just like we should only breathe oxygen, we should only drink water.

since i was 7, i have searched for the truth, nothing else.

i got my aura read some year ago. mine is white (only 1 exists on earth at any given time), with some pink and purple shades.

i am beyond the blonde race. i have red hair, pink skin, and freckles. through research, i have found that these spots actually shine up in green, or the chemical term - electrum, a mix of white metals and gold. from your writings, i presume this is because my species were the true inhabitants of the original middle-earth. strange that we arent mentioned - because we are too powerful?

unforunately, i presume some of your information, originates from minus polarity draconoids, or their slaves (the greys).

that the earth is "ruined" is hogwash. what about mars? and if we are the first species to have evolved so well, how can we have done anything wrong?

the 2.4 mil figure is wrong. humanoids, on earth, have existed for 2.8 billion years.

that the earth will get "restored" is a lie. the true reason for the oil industry, isnt power nor money - it is to make the environment more hospitable for draconoids. the carbohydrate numbers were, after all, way higher in their prime. if we get put underground, the draconoids ("feathered dinosaurs") will again roam the earth. and will most surely chop down every single tree, to up the carbohydrate amount even more.

the underearth crystaline world sounds like a lie. why would it need to be simulated? that sounds like prison. and ive heard some theories, that earth is already the de-facto prison planet. or that we are already in a simulation, as you say. and with our insight, we are about to break out of the illusion, and your kin is trying to stop it.

just look what happened 1908 in tunguska. the germans tried to bomb the greys later, but failed. then followed mk ultra (and its sub-entity, the modern psychiatric system).

what about the flat earth theory? old maps show land beyond antarctica. so how big is earth - infinite? is the universe actually a vortex, with earth as a starting point?

if anything, this sounds worse than the 2030 NWO. the person writing this being more corrupt than bill gates / klaus schwab. not just a dragon, but more like some disgusting insect, a sentient cockroach?

av AK 47 Fully Automatic (ris och ros)

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