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for some reason, i wanted to hear k-pop for the first time. among the top results on a youtube search, were twice's song "the feels". the overall sound is a bad copy of kylie minogue, and the looks are like a dozen of björk imitators. as for the lyrics, of the top 4 words, "boy" ranks first with 39 mentions, and 3rd is "feel / feels" at 26. obviously, like all deviants in the world, pedophiles dont plainly state their perversity, they make use of their own creole. and aiming it at teenage girls (or even below that age), is like a dream come true.

and its not difficult to see the similarity between a christian priest who practices his laying-on-hands with the young male students, and the verbiage "boy feels", or "feels boy", if you like.

in sweden we had a celebrity who got called out for being careless with kids. not much seemed to happen. that is, until he got his own tv show. and what does it contain? molestation humour. not very well hidden. and just like the "im not racist, i just dont like immigrants" losers, the sicko normies are very amused by this, and see nothing wrong with their hidden pleasures at all.

you cant really blame them though. they got ravaged by their parents when they were young. most probably cant recall it, and have hidden that trauma by plenty media binging, alcohol blackouts, and the popular "family" genre of adult videos that are readily available online. and, obviously, having deep insight with own childrens wellbeing too. this is how rape culture works. its not inherent in our genes. but it is, in our western world.

except the fucked up things that happened in school, im mostly reminded by 1 thing. it is the phrase, which everyone needs to learn, "did the pedophile penetrate the child?". now, i wonder, why arent we taught more important things? like, "did the virgin daterape the woman?", "did the gold digger kill her millionaire?", "did the ugly fucker only get laid after abusing anabolic steroids?", or "did the crackwhore only get paid after investing in silicone?".


av iamthealphaandtheomega (ris och ros)

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