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hey. i cant......... flirt. or....... talk. to women. anymore.

i used to see the good in people.

..............no one ever said that to me.

now i just talk disgusting if someone flirts with me.

its not what i wanted.

but its who i am now.

things dont get better.

they get better and worse.

its just how it is.

i am shadowbanned.

there is no way around it.

if you make another account.

and dont change your behaviour.

intrinsically. then whats the point?

im talking to my dad once in awhile.

via telepathy. i just think

"hey dad?"

and he answers in simple phrasing.

i could be analytical with it.

but i dont see the point.


i have created a lot.

art. music. poetry.

they say im good at dancing?

that doesnt have to be a compliment.

if you can manage being yourself.

good for you. its not my fate.

i dont know if anyone handles that.

i dont think so. people are people.

cats are animals. they can get neuroleptics.

dogs are animals. theyre........ it is said.

they have an intelligence equilant of 3.

thats......... not a lot.

if you spend a lot of time with animals.

you cant speak human speak anymore.

if you can handle it......?

great for you.

you are an outcast then.

you will never be able.

to communicate with the rest of the world.

and maybe there is a change.

one of your cats or dogs die.

what are you gonna do then?

get ANOTHER one?

but cats and dogs are people too.

if you lose someone you love.

how are you supposed to handle that?

what if you only have 1 cat or a dog?

and you dont have human money.

because you dont speak human language anymore.

then what?

you speak dog or cat.

you........ dont find a dog or cat anywhere.

you see people. thats it.

then what?

are you gonna be someones "pet"?

good luck. they speak human.

the only thing they hear you say.

is meow or voff.

sounds fun? nope.

the only thing you hear them say.

is. monkey. getting better huh?

av va (ris och ros)

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