För emma 79

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För emma 79


she sounds like a butterfly
he sounds like a fox in love
i dont know how i get to those conclusions
its like emma sees things differently
"i am bye your side!"
its like emma is in super string reality
its like emma has eating disorders
its like emma hurts herself
its like emma is the only one ill ever love
its like emma doesnt exist
its like emma does indeed exist sometimes
its like emma always holds my paw
its like emma protects me
its like i protect emma
its like im never lonely with emma
and its like emma is always there
its like in psyket emma steals my pillow
and we sleep side by side
its like emma is skinny like you
and has long curly red flowing hair
its like i love emma and emma loves me
its like love
its like true love
its like för emma 79

av EmmaSotz (ris och ros)

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