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"robots because they are highly sexualized and filled with lust" try creating an account on facebook. add fake info if needed. just dont add any "friends". you will get fake / bot accounts in droves on your "do you know these people?". and, yeah, they have crazy libido. remember, if you are living in a simulation, a simulation of the simulation can work just like the simulation.

if you dont log in for half a day, youll get messages from noon until dinner, then 1 in primetime as well, claiming "so much has happened on facebook since you were gone". sure, there was 1 "notification", which was some (non) random person theyd chosen for you (similar to someone you know, encryption doesnt exist. you know that saying "god knows all"? AI knows more). i remember having an account with 70 "friends". i wasnt logged in for a whole season. when i opened my email, it was 100s even 1000s of notifications. this sickens me. facebooks "notifications" should be in the spamfolder.

facebooks startpage (with nothing on it) when youve logged in, takes up 10mb of data. if you load 100 comments, its 20mb. no, its not bitcoin ruining down the internet, its facebook and its ilk. and lets not forget when you do get a notification on the site, you dont get to know what is said, you have to "load" that page again, and again, and again. for a single person, this is terabytes per month.

av iamthealphaandtheomega (ris och ros)

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