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sara is 177cm 43 years and has occhidiangela and uses this wonderful yellow rose shirttoppthingy often that she washes every night when shes abroad and is a metalhead bookgeek and really understanding and thoughtful and makes a lot of $ these days eventhough tomas made more than sara+fredrik(twinflame) together before eventhough he hadnt worked or done homework a day in his life

sofia is a smoker and infinitely wise and 38 167 and doesnt talk much and works in the hospital

björn is 177 & 38 is a great poet and an even better dancer and worked in bars a lot before starting at fountain house

ove is a spoiled brat MK III ++++++++++ and skater

tomas is 177 38 and manic depressive

emma is 177 41 and nottooskinnynottoofat and is hardcore feminist eventhough she dreams of a knight in shining armour all the time and curly red flowing hair

maria is 177 50 and skinny skinny skinny has eating disorders and a button nose and is married with ring on her finger all the time and dresses in black (like a goddess)

virginia i dunno

av EmmaSotz (ris och ros)

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