Fifth dimension

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Fifth dimension


woah, lots of new info! though, you are as much correct as you are wrong (but then again, only truth exists, because truth is only an individual interpretation), because of paralell universe theory. there is always multiple ways to explain things, to interpret the world. just like all holy texts talk about the same storyline. its not that they copied eachother, its just that certain universal chapters repeat themselves (often at the same time, across the world)

[i have been on this frequency, about dimension 50. i was in a park, and met a guy, who looked the same {half purple/green beard}, played the same songs, and we talked about the same things. and this happened twice. did meet his girlfriend the second time, which i mentioned the deja vu to, she replied "its just another page"]

as for atlantis. there was a landmass between england and gothenburg (western sweden) called "doggerland".

ouranos / uranus, i guess you mean the auroborous? but he and the sickle is the same thing? what holds the universe together, is the ring of fire. this can be yielded as a weapon.

as for the middle earth which was turned into hell by jhvh, this is a hoax.

yep, a guy with real good memory went to hell. he came back too. the thing is, he was badly treated there. but.. non soon thereafter, an angel whispered in his ear "call out for help", and then an arch-angel came and took him out to the space inbetween, where his history was shown for him, from another angle.

that story was interesting re: normies. when i talk of the 5th dimension, they get annoyed, even violent, claiming "it does not exist". same for the demons in his story. he called for help in a low voice first, and the demons around said "heaven doesnt exist". so, eventhough ive been through a lot of hardship, i wouldnt call this place "hell on earth". its all about perspective. as for the rest of humanity, they all seem to be demons.

they dont seem to act this way to others. i guess i just stand out too much, and they shift polarity. either because of the paranoia of the huge amount of truths presented, or because their slave master tells them "just tiny bits of truth at a time, let no one figure out youre divine. not even you, not even me".

as for the hub of trade. in shakespeares england, they had markets on the thames ice. could be something similar? a sea-floating town? (as much of art of it tells). the only proven place of atlantis, is in west mauritania.

so yhvh is the same as odin? ok.

theres an older god in norse. ymer. it is said the world is made of him, although in a more gruesome way than hecate / isis / kali.

the ymer analogy, tells of that, the stronger your frequency is, the more you affect in the universe. if you move your arm up, this affects the world in one way. if you drink some water, it affects the world in another way.

it is said, only 1 person on earth has a white aura, at any one time. i am that one.

its also got some sprinkles of cerise and ultraviolette. hmm.

"Pink auras mean you're a sensitive soul who values love, art, and freedom"

that makes sense.

"Overall, purple auras are strongly associated with intuition, psychic abilities, and a connection to the spiritual realms"

hmm. i only synthesize this ability with my throat chakra (my perceived reality is boring and lifeless). when i read / think, i sometimes get an idea / word, then i start writing about it. it opens up me to the akashic library. when i talk to people IRL, they often say "you know me more than i know myself". no, i just use logical deduction. i can also talk to someone ive never met before, and make a random joke. except, it resonates deeply with them. its like i dont know but know at the same time. i guess you call that intuition. synchronicity.

as unbaptized / wicca, i bow to no one, not even the ultimate creator (tao). ill rebirth the universe. (i was once called, when talking normally, that i seemed to "read from a dietys bible". i am my own religion)

as for the norse so-called viciousness, i wonder if this is true? iceland had no crime nor unemployment before. i guess theyre confusing different germanic tribes. (visigoths [from.. gothenburg / gottland] translated the bible. yhwh suddenly turned to "god" ["lord" {of death} in gothic]. the ice was thinner, and the waterlevels were higher then. modern society has only improved the climate [except CERN / HAARP]. sweden used to be called finlands now finnish name, suomi, meaning, "the land of the thousand lakes". it was just a bunch of small islands)