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Final Fantasy VII


"We are eternal spirits.." well, no. but, even if we are in a computer simulation, theres still the problem with the "ghost in the shell" theory. anyway. black light & black matter, is time. i know people who can see it. its just the fourth dimension. i dont think science has proved this yet. or, they pretend like they dont have a fucking idea what its about. black light (tachyons) go backwards in time. the lower their mass, the faster they go, beyond the speed of light. black matter is just the future and past in a big black blob. our stomache is 20% black matter. but, its obviously not black, just like the universe isnt either, or what you see when you close your eyes. our dreamself shifts in 21 different paralell universes. anyway, why i say we arent eternal, is becauses of teslas perpetuum motion device. aka free energy. thats obviously not possible. the simple explanation, is that it uses black matter as fuel. so, if we make a universe spanning mainframe fueled by zero point energy, the universe will eventually "run out of time", and thus, be turned into a big crunch. there will be only 1 soul in the new dimension. i saw a youtube video about this. cant find the link anymore. anyway, there will be a huge black hole. and one single tiny sun, a white dwarf? just like an eggcell and a sperm, they will merge together. their synchronous dream ("the final fantasy"), will make the prospects of how the new universe will act like.

av iamthealphaandtheomega (ris och ros)

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