First tones (sotz)

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rosehip soup

works well against pain

also why thyme is my favorite spice

i drank this when i was a whee bit laddy



my second love

what is there to say

all tastes in it


tastes like baby poop i guess

this condiment is originally

from indonesia actually


one of my sisters under the name of "sara"

she liked to sit on her potty and

breath in poop fumes and

draw amanita all day long

when dad imported a nintendo

from america 1 year before i was born

she got so entranced by mario

turning strong from a mushroom

that she took a bite from a fly agaric

when she and mom were in the woods

she flew far away into wonderland then

like all my sisters

and brothers too ive

barely seen her ever

barely heard her speak

barely spoken to her

and then we lived under

the same household

for over 2 decades

05 first tones.jpg

av Tomas Sofia Johansson-Jonsson (ris och ros)

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