Fission or fusion

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Fission or fusion


i love you more than
anything else in the
whole wide world
or web bella

more than all
liquid drum and bass
thats ever been created

more than sleeping to
healing frequencies

more than
venus before more
and aftwards too

i love you more than i love myself

i love you more than mom and dad

more than the
tastiest food

more than the
best ballad

more than the more
beautiful woman

because you have
a sparklier indoors

i love you more than
my entire family tree

no matter how far back it goes

maybe sometime
we were together in italy
or japan or pluto or andromeda

or we were the duality
which was torn apart

because god wanted extra cash
for the thai winter season

but he cant touch us anymore

since you came to my job

and payed me richly
and dearly and
fruitfully and

im not giving up on you
and youre not giving up on me

we have paralel lives

so different

yet so alike as well

you might see me
when you close your eyes

or daydream

or fall in love

in a butterfly

in a cloud

in a piece of clothing

which is like me

its hard to not get
jealous of the other

but everyone before
you turned me down

and now i sit
alone in my

and think of you

its not boring

not even for a
single second

but i seek harmony

and found it in you

so much better

than id ever never

ever imagined

you have forgiven
me so many times

that i dont deserve you

but you recently said
ive done good too

like this poem.....

i dont know it myself
because my heart
has no emotions

but if ive managed to
entertain you for 5 minutes
then thats at least something

goodnight my beloved bella

you know im waiting for you

ive been awaiting you

but i never thought i was
allowed to have a lover

anyone at all

and all the wonders that you are

is just.....


so if you only say a word
or an emoji
or link a song
or post a meme

then it means more than everything

everyone else have ever given me

i dedicate myself to my
loved ones like you say

but you were the first
one who appretiated it

i dont think anyone wants
to ruin our relationship

they just want to be loved

like lovers do

happy birthday dear lady B

eventhough im 3 months too late

theres something
mystical about
that timespan

it is said that the bone
marrow rebirths then

that oxygen transforms to
cyanide and back again

like our beloved
half heals us

taurus and libra
attract eachother

but life is more
than that

and the brain is more
complicated than the
entire universe

just imagine
millions billions trillions
and beyond google plexes

thats us
we are everything
and everyone is us too

an illusion coming true

of amors arrow

thats why i write this bella

because you are
deserving of light

fission or fusion
which are you

av Rhiannon Kirin (ris och ros)

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