For always the sweetest love

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For always the sweetest love


after a long day at work
far away from my wife

i realized that, bella

i only want to love you
i only want to make love to you
i only want to be in love with you
i only want to be attracted to you

because what we have is true
and i never want to
jeopardize it again

and i want to spend
my entire life with you

no matter what
no matter what happens
no matter how little we chat per day
no matter how little we talk over the phone
no matter how little we meet in real life
no matter how often we fight and break up

no matter what
because i love you
just as much anyway
or even more

for every new
wonderful day
and night
and each fullmoon
and each ray of light in the window
and each chocolate bar
and every french fry with ketchup

and every time we call eachother pretty words
and each time we wish a good night
and each time we say good morning

and each time the sun
passes through another sign
for we are all the signs
because we are everything and nothing
together and apart

av Emma Sotz (ris och ros)

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