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we had freedom truckers canada. they had a private facebook group with 300 000 members. evidently it was closed down because of "conspiracy theories". truckers had to get corona passports to get to the border to USA, and they refused. eventually they got to the capitol and things got nasty. the government started freezing everyones account, who had donated to their cause. it was a lot of people involved. they were also blocking borders. dont remember the whole story. eventually they took their vaccines, and stores were filled again, and they removed the freezing of the accounts.

there was freedom truckers australia too. but they just yelled and beeped their horns at the capitol, achieving nothing. if they had bore arms theyd won, unless the government would of used bombs. they were 1 million there (MSM said 20k), and the government eventually started using EMPs. people were running away with burns and many got insane from the microwaves.

it was all over twitter before, but i dont think you can find much of it online anymore.

as for freedom truckers USA? it died down in a day, heard almost nothing about it. the americans obviously also have guns. but they also have TV, smartphones and heaps of cheap junkfood, which turn them into even more zombiefied than the rest of the world. the guns are useless anyways, when the government (like in paradise, california, where they had created a self-sustaining society) can just use DEWs on them.

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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