Fungal and mercury poisoning

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for mercury
people on bitchute have
been recommending
vitamin b-12 and zinc

it cleans the system

if you have it in
your teeth though
theres not much to do

they replace it with plastic or enamel
mostly nowadays but it costs a lot

look up c-60 as well
its a coal atom with 60 free electrons
so it can catch up any metal
with that many free radicals
poisoning your system

you have to be careful
to store it in darkness
and only take it in darkness
as it turns to free radicals
the 60 electrons easily
so it can turn rancid

but b12 and zinc should work

for fungal
you can stop with
bread and any grains really

its hard to do as junkfood tastes good
but youll turn much stronger
wiser and more alive

its what those who built
the pyramids and
stonehenge used

only fat and proteins
need a strong heart though to not take affect

but ive noticed "coconut milk"
(doesnt exist, its only coconut cream)
if i eat it directly hurts my heart
but literally "drinking" 40% cream does not

also eating sallads
but they put really powerful
poisons in all
fresh veggies nowadays,
so theres almost no choice left

(if it says "vegan" now on your
orange juice and you dont know why
its because it doesnt
contain bugs ironically
ie its grown in "lab"-like
warehouses with no sunlight
so the veggies degrade easily
ive noticed both bitter
substances in some veggies
while formaldehyde in others)

and meat is really purple
they put red colour gases
in the packages to make it red
which also makes it degrade easily

so you need to grow it yourself
but then they chemtrail the sky
and poison the water

the endtimes are near

i cant believe no one
has noticed that the water
we drink and shower in
tastes like snake poison.

av Bellas Blomma (ris och ros)

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