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some say its all about

an angel on your left and a devil on your right.

i see it as a guardian angel and a spiritual guide.

when youre happy youre guarded and guided.

when youre sad youre defenseless and confused.

when youre angry you better think of your defence and guide your punches right.

when youre happy you should guide it at people who truly appretiate you for who you are.

hi rhiannon. hi kirin. its dad. mr monstercat. anyway. thats all. thats not none but maybe.

if youre sad you could try making people happy from your heart.

and maybe youll find someone who appretiates you.

maybe youll lose them intentionally or not.

maybe someone comes back.

you should guard them.

but if they are a true friend it doesnt matter.

because true friends dont disappear.

you should still try to make them happy.

you should of course be yourself but you cant just be white noise.

maybe someone likes that but i can only speak for myself.

anyway. until next if ever at all probably yep so surely of course on course middle passage not when youre ready or not already meow.

av Tomas Emma Johansson (ris och ros)

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