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till slut
kommer gudarna
att le tillbaka mot dig
och ge dig en älskad
som kommer vara lika bra
eller bättre än dig på allting

det kanske inte blir i det här livet

det kanske blir i
en helt annat värld
annan verklighet
med nya regler

men det ska hända
kan inte ljuga

när du minst tror det

och alla dåliga och bra saker
som hänt dig kommer guida dig
i det här förhållandet
vad det än blir

bara för att älska den enda

för ni är gjorda
för att vara

att vara fria
som en

för evigt
på nordpolen
eller i savannen
eller toppen på ett isberg
eller längst ner i slummen

det kommer hända

den här personen
kanske bara blir
din bästa vän
för alltid

men som det sägs
så är brödraskap
heligare än kärlek



eventually, the gods will smile back
and reward you with a lover
that will match you in everything.
it might not be in this life.
it might be in a completely
different world, reality, with new rules.
but it will happen. it's inevitable.
when you least expect.

and all the good things and
all the bad things will be worth it.
just to love that one person.
because you were meant to be.
be free. together. as one. forever.
star seeds. planets. alignments.
plus and minus polarity.
the same star signs or polar-opposites.
on the northpole or in the savannah
or on a mountain top or down in the gutter.

it will happen.

this person might just
be your best friend. forever.
and will take you through all your hardships.
for most people. this friend is music.
for others, it is silence.
for others, it is nature.
for others, it is a pet, which loves you
more than anything you'd ever imagine,
compared to a bitter angry manipulative human being.

for others, it is magical creatures,
that only they, and some people,
and the ones which see their paintings, will know.

for others, it is a flower.
others, a tree.
for some, a computer or television set,
some junkfood and a beer.

neither is more wrong or right.

for some, working without almost any pay.

but prepares you for the afterlife.

and maybe, just maybe, you'll get
a sweet coworker eventually.

or you'll die unhappy, and will be happier,
sometime, somewhere, some other place in time.

for someone to appear like a angel,
you need to set yourself in despair,
lose everything. and they just POP out.

and you get to keep them.
but never expect it to be like
anything you've ever heard,

except in the deepest
superstring poetry
of the stars,

in the sweetest passionate lovesongs
which only exist in the moment of a kiss
and the 100 years following,

and the most grueling nightmareish thrillers.

one single snowflake can turn
into the most grueling snowman.
don't get cold, whatever you do.
keep the warmth inside of you.
that's all you've got.
whatever they say,
if it feels right to you,
just do it,
someone will appretiate you,
some day. somewhere.
someplace in some time.

twinflames. starseeds. venusian flyers.
non-robots. people with real own standards and morals.
non-remoted controlled. people with hearts. that beats.
for something. that haven't given up.

but giving up might work as well.
morphine overdose, the sweetest rebirth.

because that is all that life is.
a life of a life of a life.
that continues. and continues. and continues.
beyond beyondness. an eternity of eternities.
a timelessness of timelessness.

until you are up
there with the gods.
no longer
just an avatar
of an ideal,
but the real deal.

with your own thoughts. desires. ideas.
and unfortunately, world domination plans.

be sure it's what you wanted.

it's the only thing you got.
longing, and trauma.

the a-model.
atoms and quarks and superstrings
and voxels and fractals and vortexes.

black holes and wormholes.
love and hate.
loss and giving.
bitterness and forgiveness.
manipulation and inspiration.
caring and blindness.
transcendence and 9-5.
1 to 1. 2 to 3. 3 to eternity.

the magic number.
as all numbers are magical. googleplex.
holographic brain theory. aquatic ape theory.
entanglement. into more and more,
must and mustn't's.

until you break apart. start anew. again.
as a star, that's all you are.
pulsation. rhythms. supernova. black hole.
suction and friction.
stupidity and enlightenement.
oxes and libras. pigs and bunnies.
sofyahs and bellahs.
prayers and god's will.

vampire entities and
the guiding light
angels and demons.
the vibrant and the grey.
the macho rape culture and
the gay acceptance.

to one of your own.
to each their own.
one who you own.
and get owned by.
rings. saturn. hecate.
a sun breaking out of a moon
breaking out of a son
breaking out a daughter.

to know what is not known.

to show what is not shown.
to sow what is now sown.
in the wettest of conditions.
in the worst sleeping missions.
to mars. to pluto. the non-planet. "hell".

you can tell by the smell. and the decay.
and the way they pretend to portray the world.
don't look into their eyes, but if you do,
you see nothing, at all.

is that all you aspire to be? a nobody?

another six months, and you're unknown?
to know all this,
and never paint a single picture,
never make an original phrase,
never step into the next phase.
because you got hurt, sometime, long ago.
well guess what.
if you don't aim for the moon,
you'll fry in the sun. step by step.
word for word. that's all we've got.
start somewhere. sometime.
someplace. in time.

because you are,
in truth,
a poem in motion.
with each word
spoken to a friend,
to an enemy,
takes us further.

because you are you are you.

everyone only
processes your signals.
and what are you giving out,
what is in akasha only?

what happens when someone
opens their book of life,
the book of death, the
endless cycle of rebirths?

this is not a punishment,
the breathe of the universe
cycles once every 2 billion years.

that's how long you will live, and beyond.
there is not enough time though.
or place. or where. or who.
become the best at what you do.
work hard. work harder.

you will be cherished,
no matter if it seems
like no mortal
hears or knows.
the gods hear you.
they have a lot to do though.

but if you make enough
of an imprint in the
galactic harmony,
you will be treasured
beyond treasures.

because god is good
and allah is almighty
and together
we are all one

av Emma Sotz (ris och ros)

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