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"lol omg no friends u sux IRL awesome sex rofl" - 3 losers

you know what? its people like you who put me in this position. yes, i used to have 1 bestie for a long long time. now i have a new one. she doesnt say a lot though. but she appretiates me, and i try to guide her through life. shes both like a friend, a lover, a mother, a sister, and a daughter. cant get much better than that, right?

also, i was in a relationship for 1.5 years recently. now, i made a lot of art during that time, more than ever, actually. huge amounts of poetry and music. near the end, i produced 1 dozen albums in quick succession.

so, go back to spamming likes, and one-liners and memes your "friends" stole from some random loser online, and keep getting pent up over stupid shit.

by the way, i hope your silly ass isnt still in school (did you have to re-do a year? poor thing). been a lot of shootings lately. just saying.

av AkariHarakiri & EternityInterface (ris och ros)

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