Gemstoned to egodeath with 6 immortal words

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if you dared

to take my hand

we would dance

until we dissolved

into super strings

into a symphony

into an ant colony

into a pulsar

into a shiva

into a ganesha

into a world religion

do you dare take my mind

do you? do you?

or dont you?

whats the matter?

if you treat me badly

a thousand times

i forgive every time

the 1001th time

i throw you into

a black hole

dont be bitter

towards me

you will never

forget even 1

word of my tongue

ever in

infinite rebirths


you are a bad mother

you are a bad spouse

you are a bad lover

you are a good wife beater

you are a good drug dealer

you are a good liar

but nothing comes past my ears

i hear what youre really saying

i am born in the year of the waterpig

if you tell me the truth

you get punished in the

interdimensional court

so youre just a liar

i am a transcended cop

but also a quadruple agent

you dont dare to say a word to me

just cough more you god damn junkie

all you live for is another hit

the words i told my sister

is there every moment of her life

1000 times per planck constant

so she goes backstage

with the greatest artists

that have ever lived

take drugs for

millions once a month

but those words never disappear

they are

have you ever created

something beautiful?

har du någonsin skapat

något VACKERT!!??!?!?!?!??!!?



ja säger sara

jag skapade dig

jag är din riktiga mamma

jag förstår nu

jag älskar ädelstenar

i love you miss gem <3

av Tomas Emma Johansson-Jonsson (ris och ros)

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