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so. woke up. nice dream. continuing to listen to the song i made yesterday.

i dont usually do that. not a lot. but i have no one bothering me. so its easier.

the song isnt that bad. the lyrics (vocals?) eventually annoy me. but, hey.

it seems, if you slow a text-to-speech generator down half, it actually sounds.. normal?

believable? well. then you add effects on it. no one would ever know.

put a snus in my mouth. dunno why. i mean, it has no effect. no negative no positive.

tried to quit, managed 3 days. so i can use 1 snus per day, maybe?

for the same.. non-effect. then i could save up money for tatus.

but i know i wont. so. just waiting if my bank account ever says more than 1500.

theres no point in being angry all the time. well, its easy to fix. it was.

wanna fly. you gotta give up the shit holding you down.

it was supposed to be a reggaeton trap beat. well, i changed it around.

and, it sounds.. asian. not very latina.

alright. here are the links. if some platform is your fav. hey.

i could try to get it on a music aggregator. but they got so much rules. at least, if youre negative polarity. tried distrokid once. was atrocious. theyre guided by christian morals. obviously.



you are a wonderful human being
all of you
but i cant stand you
i mean
i can
i cant stand me with you
i cant stand us
i will always love you
dont forget that
i will never forget you
my sister, my guiding light, my queen

anyway. get it while its there. you never know what you got til its gone.

drop it like its hot. etc etc etc. and other truant aphorisms.

oh. bought a bunch of foodsies. not really hungry though. no parasitic entities.

but theyre coming back again. sigh.

if i am the alpha and the omega, why would i bother with insight?

with great power comes great responsibility. oh. right.

so, i realized bitchute made me angry.

the average comment isnt exactly cute.

i thought i was beyond that. but, nope.

i hope mr poetry site wont go down.

but hes got ads and spyware.

so hes got it covered. hopefully.

it did crash once. when i uploaded an old bella book.

i guess i transcended to death frequency. hawking radiation. not fun.

oh, obviously the parasitic entities are doing their thing.

because im sitting here writing useless shit.

i should be doing art. yep. cya. heart. etc.