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owl can land itself
to hecates untimely

but it requires the laser queen
by her side
when eterno in eternum ends

the one can stand in silence
except the melancholy
which is all but unholy to thee

but i demand the laser vision
which the ghost in the
broken shell of a man

imbelish of all the few words
which cat gives back
when all of hope is
begun to unsprungs

ice butterfly gabriella no lie
please fly by a beautiful day
i needethatmost a friend
or a muse but not a mouse
or a pussycat but though
dearly octopus to fight all me demons

owl can sit on her wire
and phone anyone anywhere anytime
in super string physics
without connection
selection or dereliction

but the ½butterflylongsome
tis much too much
to ever survive on

while dude looks
like a lady
180 / 130 strong
on their ownage

still siberian tigerrs paws
should never be freed
from her fourteen hooves

girly girl girl has been there
so long so long and went back
with her song with her song
and nothing was wrong was wrong

butterflysoul gabriella
butterflyheart gabriella

blesseth foreverness thince
the lady transcended upon
the soul reaver much as LD

and thus haleys comet carried
united states of butterflytopiaprez
closer and closer
in an elepthantistical

earths powers
to retinaols
so spectrally
green and brown
and brown and green

quantum butterfly gabriella
vortex voxel butterfly gabriella
supernotthatstrungstring gabriella


icebutterfly gabriella
platinabutterflyheart gabriella
honeylanding gabriella
ice butterfly isis butterfly
icey isisbutterfly . . . ! ?

av Rhiannon Kirin (ris och ros)

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