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hi hello mr diary.

since everyone on my level isnt on my level and is sickly clairevoyant.

i sort of wonder what i have achieved? beyond.. darkness?

i might be good at writing. the flow. but i remember hearing that compliment in..

2006? so again i have not really evolved since back then. i cannot say i have

expanded my vocabulary. or achieved anything really?

again, i might have improved some people, but they turned atrocious afterwards.

ill mention 2. one was a widow. everyone hated her for how she was before.

her last chance were my parents. but they showed her the cold shoulder.

it looked like she had been crying for weeks.

now i remember my mom crying for an entire year.

but its possible to lie about anything however you want.

she missed her dead dad because they used to smoke and fuck together.

awwww how cute! so she wished i would turn into him.

well, i did. after a year his spirit came into me.

i cannot say if it was better or worse.

but soon afterwards i got the school treatment.

that was a looooot of years.

i turned clairevoyant then. when i was 7.

but it did not last long.

and no one had told me about my powers

or how to find them or use them.

hey, if you were a bully or a freeloader.

just go fuck yourself. hang yourself.

go kill your friends. whatever.

you have never experienced misery or

loneliness or anxiety or nothingness

or anything. youre a god damn joke.

as for the saying, forgive your enemies

but never forget their names?

i disagree. if i have an enemy and they

are in pain i will make them happy again.

i guess that sounds futile because as soon

as they get up on their feet they will plot

to destroy you. but im stupid like that. naive.

i believe in the goodness in everyone. hey, maybe

others do as well towards me. who knows.