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Hallowed be thy name, desire


hallowed be thy name, desire (celebral chainhmmingesse)
hallowed be thy name, desire (synthevi d'avagardenice)
hallowed be thy name, desire (belita 800 MX overdrive)

hallowed be thy name, desire (sister nidlez lightraverse)
hallowed be thy name, desire (springelf XXIII of crossaether)
hallowed be thy name, desire (maria maria d'pulmonexpart)

your smooth artichokechip lime white chocolate sandwich cake produces my naturally homemade thick apple pancakes cream dripping saffron cloudberry jam aromas

murmor seraph indeed with the blind trust of your neck chakras light and overpower my electrum hearts visit frequency beyond -273.15 antigravity flying & 44100hz until I become a floating point in omnienergys ubiquitousness and the stables hay is transformed into gold crystal candy floss

who are you the inimitable one who blows the water bells inertia meter and makes me transcend the limits of vortex theorys boundaries who are you dual resurrected nectar night insect blue whale leviathon in all of aurora borealis spectra

reach produce the naturally exatled heavy metal osmotic cyborg double grace

transcend my whinosaurusregret based on forbidden optical transitions in the ionospheres virtuous patterns, if only to teleport my ego illusion 1 plank constant after big bang

do not spoil sumerians annunaki gene manipulation created homo sapiens sapiens übermensch concepts archangelism

hallowed be thy name, desire (I am your wasteland)
hallowed be thy name, desire (cultivate me o reaver)
hallowed be thy name, desire (kismet kismet kismet)

began to get tired of the enterprises autonomously clingy dependence on quarter-dimensional time two-dimensional space & one-dimensional thinking, longing for swingbreath space & planning plagiarizing goingontheplankism to expand my caring G-point womb & buttress, but your colossal party ghostkalashnikov fertilizerorganlike doubledildo fuckmachine took advantage of my almost endless lithium battery resources

your charisma demands more of my land of the 1000 lakes kingdoms statutory queen throne-inherent essential character

beyond the ten-meter tsunami gamble & the Mars-seeking worship, inner creation not only grows on the baobab birth, it requires demon virtuos se necesitan dos para bailar un tango synchronicitys equal sharing

the outward appearance of divinity for the gojira land of platinum bluishness languishing shantung silk yarn newness allure

follow-up stretch on the vertebra me to kali hecate isis universe finale shame on the not-normality death maness etletlien exile interpellation

we as the senders schrödingers to be or not to be lust beyond the lust of the burden beyond the non-burdens body autonomy amazon dot com four river eden plasmitude

us dragon brain egg laying adrenochrome crackle again straight as lightmillajovovichium

hallowed be thy name, desire (fly me, pegasus)
hallowed be thy name, desire (lick me, megalon)
hallowed be thy name, desire (secreto iberico, oink!)

hallowed be thy name, desire

hallowed be thy name

be thy

dedicated, the
kathmer people

av AK 47 Fully Automatic (ris och ros)

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