Healing and destroying drugs

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look there are 2 types of drugs

those who heal and those who destroy

after the 70s had passed people were

dying in droves and they used contraceptives too

that means not enough humans were being born

if this ever goes below 21:1 child:woman

the whole country eventually evoperates into

diaper- and care--needing old people

so without FAUCI inventing his own CURE for AIDS

america would have been gone by now

and also most of the rest of the world

nietzsche says:


whoever is in a party for too long

eventually thinks himself out of the party"

a party just like a conspiracy

is a collection of more than 1 person

thus i am tired of bitchute

the problem is i continued the rhetoric on facebook

thinking its the same as twitter

i got banned from advertising for 30 days

this sort of thing goes

against corporations and artists

thus the need for abstraction

you could write #faucikiller and

get instabanned or shadowbanned

or you make as song which

talks in broader terms about

healing drugs and destroying drugs

and speaks to so many people

it can even speak to the RIAA

av Etletlien (ris och ros)

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