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the vision from my window
a crow crawking
a dove hoohooing
children playing
a couple laughing heartfelt
the pungest wonderful scent
of apple pie lingering
until i fell asleep at night
come to think of it
i got the scent of crust and meat
it was probably that special
oven pancake with chopped pork
and not to forget
rain on the windowpane
its been raining all week
maybe we get better weather soon
but i love rain
i love love love it
i like cold weather
i even like -24
when it was that for one day in february
i saw ice crystals raining
and 3 light pillars at crane ab
for those that didnt know
i attempted suicide again
8 years since the last
and now i cant move my feet
but ive regained sense in my stomache
so i can get nauseus
and now i can feel my back
so it gets better
im moved to a temporary housing now
and its heaven on earth here
so tasty sallads the staff makes
yum! i dont do much except listen to music
but i used to do that before
so not much has changed
a doctor at the solna hospital
entered my room and directly asked
"you love music dontcha?"
i had just written 2 nietzsche quotes
so i replied
"without music life would be a mistake"¨
and yes he did a heartfelt laugh
nietzsche almost said
"and we should consider
every day lost
in which we have not
made someone laugh
at least once"
nietzsche remix! haha.
all the best wishes
for everyone out there
together we can create
heaven on earth
here and now
and present
and future
you just have to believe
and dont take so many drugs
and by that i mean even
coffee and tea
im hardcore vegan
in spirit
but sometimes i mess up
i have a straight edge X
big one
on my right hand
i did it
because at work
people were teasing me about
"youre a vegetarian arent you?"
when id eaten veg once
it didnt turn out the way i wanted
they did stop teasing me
and i met bella
so it was worth it
people often ask
"dont you regret it?"
how can you regret beauty?
do you regret planting
and taking care of a flower?
then dont talk that way to me!
whats more beautiful than a flower?
a tatu on a beautiful body
and all bodies are beautiful
the greatest artwork and machine
as nietzsche says
"there is more wisdom in your body
than in your deepest philosophy"
i love you man!
flat earth reptiloid theory belatriciano
i believe em all
damn i felt so good after lunch =*)
together we can create heaven on earth
its on allpoetry its on facebook
its on instagram its on nightcafe
beauty in its purest form
poetry ai art discussions the lot
heaven on earth heaven on earth

av Bellas Blomma (ris och ros)

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