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i know i know. its tasteless. just raw. as someone called me. i tried to add some content later on. but this is how i get my rocks off. the most ive written was an erotica for 14 hours. then i deleted it. smart. wont do the same again. maybe. took some hour to write. isnt that long i see now. or as they say "it felt longer". got that in yoga practices with everyone else being a woman, and me getting my boner looking at all of them breathing. im bad im dirt.


8======>. did i ever mention? i measured my cock. its 18 centimeters long and 30 centimeters girth. quite thick. and long. and good. the foreskin is so heavenly soft that condoms release from it. and walking with a boner feels like i have a metal rod between my legs. have appeased many women, and they often say "it felt longer" days or years afterwards, i dont quite get that but hey. or like a finnish/swedish milf said, "huge, almost gigantic". and both miss electro opera and the countess said days apart "your dick is too small, we cant have a relationship". thats after i took cocaine. but they meant my libido. and it was so weird. no one attracted me. except japanese women. managed to fuck 2 until i was omnisexual again. there was this survey globally which said penis sizes and tit sizes are the same anywhere. they just cherrypick some for porn. well. have written for awhile now. my cock is throbbing. i wrote other things before this too, but it wouldnt post and got lost. dont wanna wank because i get post erectile depression. maybe ill hold it in for days. write more like this. hey! i remember i hadnt wanked for a week or two when i met all my lovers, and when with maggie id get boners, like an adrenaline rush of love with my erection peaking in milliseconds, when someone added me on facebook. and fucking her was beyond your wildest dreams,. and as she fell asleep before me when wed drunk 1½ litre white wine each, she looked just like rihanna. wanna ask women if they let me caress their tits and finger ("pulla") them. but it wont happen. the fortune teller said id get 10 kids. have never met any of them. ho hum. anyway. i said to a really talented blues musician that women using cleavage would be the same as guys showing their cock somewhat. and she yelled like "DET ÄR OM DOM VISAR FITTAN". it sounds so good in swedish haha. fitttttttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaahhhh... ....! "thats if they show their cunt". anyway. i could see her get excited. so i slipped off my crocs and planted one foot between her legs. she opened up. i have no idea what she said, but she talked for 50 mins until the lunch was over. in faster and paced tones. she was moaning out words. the others left eventually. then we walked out, and she said "hold me" which i managed to do, eventhough she was 1 head shorter than me, so i hugged her head. she did many sighs and then she started crying. "i didnt know someone was this good for me". anyway, while i was feeting her, she slipped down her pants and panty. and i thought "fistfuck you" over and over, the adrenaline rushes were incredible. ive never talked about her. except in 1 poem. her guy is mad jealous so he blocks me as hes clairevoyant, but since the beers not no more. who knows. maybe this wont post. anyway. we were writing poetry with miss poetry teacher. and she wrote the dirtiest thing. sitting next to me, toeing my toes and one of her hands on my big toe. when i realized it was inspired by me i also wrote one. she melted into a cheshire grin. she was bulimic/anorexic. yep. dunno about self harm. think she has always covered clothing. anyway. we went to a secluded place at the job. and did it. yep. did get to fistfuck her, she was quite the squirter. i didnt remove it from my hair, and got so many looks when i went home on the commute, some looking at me like i was crazy, only to burst out laughing. the poem had something about "i have a thigh gap". i got so turned on. every chick ive fucked had been so tight. bella was a big hole, but after fingering both her cunt and ass her cuntlips swelled up and i cummmmmmed in a minute of insertation. i also fucked her every day for 3½ weeks after shed showered for 3 hours. yes. 3 hours. for real. her breasts, which were just like a cows breasts, just something dangling, turned to C-cup after the hot water massage treatment, i could even tittyfuck her, while the spooge shot all the way into her mouth, third eye, hair, and even some on her butt, she got an orgasm when that happened, and squirted for over a minute with those swollen lips. shes libra. their emoji is the peach. they think with their butts. weird. i know. she wanted in the ass first, but she quickly changed to cunt. riding me. first one who did that. the rest were mostly like bluewhales who wanted me to figure out how to please them. well. im not that good, everyone is different. they say im clairevoyant otherwise, because i can in seconds tune into their frequency, and say something beautiful about them no one has ever mentioned, or make them laugh with something theyre familiar with. i always make miss mom laugh. i live for laughs. but dont get many to me though. "youre beautiful with words" like hamlet wytch said, or bellas "DU KNULLAR SOM EN PORRSTJÄRNA!!!!!!!" = "YOU FUCK LIKE A PORNSTAR!!!!!!!!1" or allyekhrahs "seasiepie! <3" i dunno how many women ive made cum online and just talking to them. redheads have foreskin over their entire skin. its true! and bella was the ultimate truth. sensitivty. string theory state of mind. the time with her was so good. "cant stop to talk about you, every night and day" - brian mcknight. ok. now i cummmmmed. and i got the depression which almost always happened with all my chicks too. but some hugged me afterwards, and we fell asleep like that. empathy is the greatest. maybe i should be human here. not just the heavy deal. "no soft words", like the countess said. i dont have many people ("people" = women, from 20s to 70s) on my phone. it changes constantly. so many women grow tired of me. its in my name. in hungarian or something its pronounced too-much. so i couldnt yank without porn, and i got OCD while watching it. what to do? call all 20 and wanking on the phone. first i thought that pheromones played a big role into how people treated you. but the same happened on the phone. so i believe in the instanteous ether, and telepathy. what my other recent writing talks about. there was especially an elder lady, with a huge libido, who once said "yes, youve called 18 times?". that was over 2 months. she used to say "super" to everything. she was so annoying, but the sex with her was incredible. but she didnt give it to me that often. so i figured, hey, maybe that is her way of saying that i should appease her on the phone instead of talking about myself and my art. so i did. we used to phonefuck for 5 hours every day since then. she didnt say much, i mostly heard "ah" in increasing and decreasing decibels and pitch. and once out of the blue she was just "why dont you find someone your own age? make her pregnant, start a family, time flies then, i bet your anxiety would decrease then too". so i chose bella, or bella chose me. shes a reiki healer, grandmistress to the n:th degree. except before her, there was someone else. she had a tiny figure, i wondered how all her organs even fit. and the most amazing anime:ish eyes. she was an orthodox greek healer, but kept saying to me praises "its god who heals you". she was such a good dresser. like this sand coloured thick shirt, im not much for fashion words so i cant explain. but it looked so good on her, like shed slept in it or never washed it. it was just her. her name means "universe". i wrote about and to her, but like everyone before bella and co, she didnt care. just looked at the poem or picture weirdly. she was also a libra, and so alive, playful. we did it 12 times, and you gotta understand, they live both slower and faster than us. "you tear me apart, this cant go on". first shed said she was on her period, but my cock was just too big for her. since then we meet once a month and dryfuck, usually at work, when the time is right. she has a guy but hey. what bella introduced me to was the world of sex partners. it was so weird. first you have someone you live with, then you have some on the side, then some you sleep with for money, then some you just wanna give a venearal disease, and some you sleep at parties with, some you have orgies with, and bellas speciality, threesomes. she always wanted a gay and a gal in bed. and another thing. everyone i meet, and i mean everyone, is bisexual. ive slept with professed lesbians. the problem is. im not. guys just dont do it for me. watching transexuals with huge silicone boobs and squirting cocks is interesting and beautiful, but that doesnt make me get itup either. and feeling a muscular body? how boring. ive never done it with a guy. accidentally bumped into a boner now and then, thats all. one thing though. ive tried a few times to use my girlfriends perfume. and the guys get crazy over me. feeling their cummm as theyve only talked with me for like 5 minutes. their huge smile. but ive never dared to take it further. and anywzy, the day after the perfume, i get a real bad cold. ya see. my lungs are alright, at the hospital its constantly measured at 99-100% saturation. and good bpm and all that. except, i used to be a pig. showered so unoften, like every third month. so i stank up wherever i went. it was like that early in school. i was afraid of bathrooms, because something horrid happened when i was young. actually, it wasnt horrid, but leaning over when you brush your teeth? it felt like something was behind me. ive always been afraid of the dark. and seeing your twinflame when you close your eyes? never happened to me. or maybe. as bella is japanese/italian. maybe i saw her true form. just 2 eyes, like almonds. form whenever i close my eyes. then i get scared. so i try however much i can to be dead-tired whenever i go to sleep. it had gotten better, but i made a new song today, and it drained me so much. but i also got more energy. the problem is when i close my eyes, they flicker up and down. to a point where i cant even close them. and all i want to do is rest. so i stare into the ceiling, and things start to move around. i dont see double. its something else. like shapes form into something thats on the wall, back to the original. thats when i had a lot of morphine. anyway. im back to normal. i havent written like this for over a year. my arms ache some from all the words written, and ill probably delete it. good night and i wish love comes to you, if you managed to read this far. its 20:23 the year 2023, the third of february.

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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