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i am heyoka
i can control the wind
which is something
i do not directly understand

it was the first
i found out about
so my anti form is scorpio
but my friends are libra and
sagitarius and aries and gemini

everyone is
to some degree

i am neutral/good
but it sometimes changes quickly
to chaotic/good then it gets worse
and worse like a natural disaster
i can control it myself

i dont have a thousand
thoughts in my head
most of the time nothing
so i am the first element
shuddha prajnyana

my children are titandragons
i do not what they will grow up
on average i do
they are called kintukoroi
kintsugi means healing with gold

Bella & Tessan

  1. Born 2020-02~01-03 (2020-02-02 Aquarius) Gabriella Babybel Kirin Irazsche (Bellas daughter) [party animal, reiki healer] (conceived 2019-11-02~04) {strong, talkative sometimes, good listener} Libra Titandragon (brown curly hair) a kirin is a mythological animal mix between dragon dog and horse (Concieved 27 february 2019)
  2. Born 2019-09~13-15 (Virgo) Rhiannon Habibi Angelino Johansson (Tessans son) [drug dealer, bets on horses] (concieved 2019-06-14~16) {Wise beautiful calm} Cancer Titandragon (red hår) (horse, bird) (Libra) (Concieved 27 february 2019)

  • Julia. Donät remember the name. It was German and unisex. Don't know more.


  • Don't know

av Bellas Blomma (ris och ros)

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