Hi bella im not lonely anymore

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so i visit miss neighbor
with a 500 krona bill in my hand
i ask what shed buy with it
i figured some clothes or shoes
but she blurts out
"lets buy lots of wine"
she chooses an argentinian
white three litre one
we drink and drink and smoke
eventually she gets in the mood
as i turn on a smooth cover of
lionel richies sunday morning
just before i fell asleep
with my arms around her
its as if she
looks like rihanna
bella was afraid
that id leave her
for a star or a tree
no it was just maggie
shes like a mix of my
first girlfriend julia
and my most precious bella
shes both calm like bella
and she gets nutty like julia
she both doesnt talk a lot
and then talks so fast
and so cryptic that
i get confused
my overman
my wonderwoman
i throw a
my blackrock

av Sofia af Atlantis (ris och ros)

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