Hi i am emma

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the gentle steps
of a leaf
crossing the street

the sounds
of an oldskool
mobile phone

the feeling of my
winter body thawing
in the spring sun

the urge for my heart
to feel something again

for someone
i need it

i cry now
so my heart is alive
for the very first time

but i dont feel love
only sadness
happy sadness

maybe thats
what its like
to grow old
to miss things

a joyful remembrance
there is no hate
there is no indifference
there is only
for everything

my name is emma
emma johansson
im mostly sad
i can make people happy
but its only a
defence mechanism

i prefer being by myself
emma means home
but also universe
the universe is my home
my home is my universe

i like it here
hope you sneak
by sometime
feel my world
i like it anyway
hope you do too

av Emma Johansson (ris och ros)

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