High dynamic range photography, or rather, dynamic range compression

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I dont mind that. The plain human eye (which very few real talents have) can see billions of colours. If you see a jpg of the picture though, it wont say much. Going into a gallery is a completely different experience. If you get to meet the artist too, it brings it to a completely other level. Sort of like concerts and backstage, vs mp3s and biased interviews.

The world of colors arent just red, green, and blue. Or cyan, magenta and yellow (or red, yellow, blue). Its a lot more than that.

There is affordable giclee printing nowadays. They use 8-32 dyes, and 300g paper in many different textures. (Many run-of-the-mill producers have started copying this practice, and use at least 8 dyes. Because just 4 on printer-paper make most pictures look like shit)

Could really recommend getting.. whatever picture printed by such a company. Youll get ultraviolette blues, burning reds, and seaweed-flourescent-like greens.

You dont really know unless you try it. QLEDs are similar to this spectrum representation.

If you pay the giclee company some, in doing multiple prints / dye optimisations until they get the right harmony, youll truly get "photorealistic" results. Ie, it will look so "real", as if you could "touch" it.

I have yet to see a movie (or music video), which has the picture quality, you can get with a single frame.

There was some russian, who modded a mirrorless camera to produce HDR video on the fly. Seems to have died down though. Maybe because makeup doesnt work with HDR, because.. it shows everything, everything. And theyd rather sell a new technology / resolution, than allow everyone to see beyond "photorealistic".

(Note: that reminds me, I have actually found one true HDR music video. Its Caitlyn Kochs cover of Lynyrd Skynyrds "Simple Man". She does use very good makeup in it, and it has that "gritty/dark" processing style. For people that are used to hollywoods teknicolour, I know its hard to get used to.

And, yes, its possible to do HDR without strong colours [tekashi69 / david la-chapelle / stoopidgerl?], or lots of detail, with the "ultrarealism" style thats present in real-estate advertising. Or do you 2 styles, or all 3. Requires real good original footage though.

[This is similar to the Volume War in music. Tubes do sound better than transistors. Try "The search for everything" album by John Mayer. Of course it sounds better on vinyl, but the original signal is so pure, that even a 64kbps soundcloud stream is still good])