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my internet connection wasnt working

or rather, it was, just slowly

im not sure how to fix it

its the equilant of

a 28kbaud modem on AOL

so, i began writing all these things to myself

i noticed i get less lonely if i record myself?

is it because i get a connection the webcam?

because the laptop feels less lonely too?

after awhile, i wanted to say things to darkhalo

not a good idea, since he hates me, and has, since 2002

i wrote the first letter, but his site wouldnt load

i wrote a second letter, but his site wouldnt load

i wrote a third letter, but his site wouldnt load

i wrote a fourth letter, but his site wouldnt load

then i figured, i should make a hacking mystery

since he loves installing keyloggers on my machines

i gave up on that quickly

eventually, i realized my previous strange reaction

to a very normal blogpost of his

it seemed to contain the usual bigtech jargon

but the last line puzzled me

i searched on it, and found quotes from a movie i hadnt seen

it was about hipsters

i was called that back in the day, because i used a hat

i didnt know that was "the in-thing", just prefered it to shawls

the one who said so, seemed to just mention it out of the blue

it wasnt like that though, and i didnt

realize the implications of the statement

until the third letter

i now understand, my non-poetry communication style is awful

or rather, hipsterized

it doesnt seem possible to change it

because im not in a good mood writing this

because i dont feel like a hipster

if i dont write like a hipster

ie, smart, cunning, intelligent

funny, un-politically correct

hipsters are highly related to the troll phenomenom

and the extreme left

the problem being, only alt-righters are referred to as trolls

this is confusing, and is related to the MTV show beavis and butthead

where 2 guys smoke weed and think everything is funny and say "im stoned" often

this confuses me further, because when i hear that statement

i just think of a certain passage in the bible

and wonder why anyone would / could mention it

it does make sense though, 3-fold

1) trolls like to have fun

2) trolls are composed of stone

3) trolls have a flawed vocabulary

if you put these together, it doesnt seem to be something to strive for

but ive done that, since 7th grade