Hipsters vs gangsters

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Hipsters vs gangsters


ive had a hard time - as a swede - wrapping my head around "democrat vs republican". i think though - now - ive figured it out. theres been this certain behaviour in people, which i just havent been able to understand, worse than astrophysics!

anyway, one way you could explain it, is hipster vs gangster.

now hipsters are usually left / HBTQ / politically correct / vegan / egoists / spoiled - and will, evidently, not leave anyone alone.

then we have the gangsters - which are usually murderers / prostitutes / dealers / junkies. these are the greatest people on earth, and just want to be left alone.

so if we take a word, like.. "fatty", and you say that to a hipster. you can say that one single time, and theyll hate you forever, go out of their way to ruin your life until you end up dead, and theyll never get busted for it.

you dont even have to say it directly to them, it can be enough with the three-letter word "fat" in a 10000 word essay, theyll still get as hellbent though. they are, quite frankly, psychopaths. this is what our prosperity - and social media - has transformed the middle class into.

so, on the other hand, if you call a gangster a fatty, even to their face, theyll just ignore you. say it 10 times, and theyll give an annoyed glare. you say it a 100 times, and theyll reply with "stop". you say it a 1000 times, and theyll warn you: "if you continue doing that, ill fucking kill you". so maybe you stop, but then you slip.

and the 1001:th time, theyll execute you in cold blood, third degree murder, broadcast it to a million viewers live online, and take the blame for it.

its the difference between a coward and a soldier. a loser vs a winner. eating junkfood vs the atkins diet. a liar vs a truthseeker. being fed with a silver spoon (that includes inheriting a lot of money, but also being on social services) vs working hard your whole life. having it easy, vs living every day as if it would be your last. being bitter vs being passionate. being infatuated vs loving someone deeply. shallowness vs depth. getting a million likes for a nude vs being shadowbanned for something political.

id also like to note that being "vegan", although it gives some health benefits, is pretty stupid. why? because usually, you dont eat a lot of meat, even if you eat "meat products". in junkfood, the amount of real flesh is a very low percentage. and in real food - its the same. take meat soup for once - theres mostly water - that, and veggies and cream too. or something like lasagna, whats the meat percentage - after you add in milk, pasta, onions, tomatosauce - 10-20%? so i dont really get how there can be a "shortage" in the meat production.

another note: i havent owned a TV for over 20 years. one day, on the 11:th of september 2001, i got home from school, turned on the telly, checked the news, and it was just "terror terror terror". the news corporations loved it. and i could see through the lies directly. although at that time, i hadnt met a single muslim, i still knew you that shouldnt judge a people by the actions of a few.

since then, ive met a lot of muslims, and although im a hindu myself, i consider islam to be the greatest religion on earth. people might say that muslims, are, across the board, rude? the thing is though, when they treat you badly, there is a reason for it. while a hipsters first reaction to meeting a new person is flirting with them, a muslim looks deeply into your eyes, and get disappointed. the hipster just wants some cheap entertainment, while the muslim wants you to grow as a person.

maybe thats what its about. the left has basically turned into the right, somehow? they dont want personal growth, they want everything handed to them, they want to treat people badly and not get away with it, and they hide behind their fake friends. while the right has turned into nice people, that question the status quo, and are healthy and fit.

what a strange world we live in.

av Rhiannon Kirin (ris och ros)

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