Historien om när en muslimsk kvinna visade sin uppskattning för mig

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i dont like people which think alike to me

i know a lot are like that but im not

so once i went to this school

to better up my grades

to then later study at university

i did not fail

so anyway

i usually came 30 mins before the

first tutoring of the day started

so i sit down and put on some cd

id brought with me on the

boombox they had there

and i start doodling

after a few mins

a half-saudi woman comes in

sits some chairs away from me

i take next to no notice of her

when id almost finished my artwork

she says "your hair is so beautiful"

then she undoes her shawl

to show her long flowing chestnut hair

........we all know

how easy western women fall for men

but this is a story from another world

it wasnt long ago

when women used höckle when

they were outside their own home


just think

for real once

before being


we are all


av Etletlien (ris och ros)

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