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oh youre hardcore?
you dont know shit about pain
youve been
surfing your entire life on
free drugs
free pussy
free books
& free wifi
and now sold your
soul to the greens
for an easy $100 mil

after you sold a
couple of albums
from your golden
production years
which will NEVER come back
youre a one hit wonder
nothing else

you dont know shit about pain
how about being so full of despair
because you blame yourself
for every single one
of the worlds problems
not escobar not bush not fauci
just yourself
so you lit your entire apartment on fire
whilst then jumping ten meters
and im not talking about the olympics
then spending six months unable to move
and then rehabilitating yourself perfectly
because i never give up
like i know you have
a long time ago

you give more
false promises
than a pedophile priest
because we all know
what horrorcores
eat for dinner right

giving the impression
youre the lefts omnimessiah
but youre nothing
but a hollow sockpuppet

you dont know shit about pain
it was black gays & transvestites
which invented the
electronic music scene
including your music
is based on these days

that, and swedish
artrockers back
all the way
to 1959 with the
aniara synth mainframe
whose members
youd write of as
faggets in colourful
clothes and gay haircuts

but you dont respect
history a single fuck
because those blacks
with everything against them
dared to stand up and
question the status quo

if this was the nazi olympics
you wouldnt do
the black power gesture
no these days youd
say heil hitler
and go suck his dick
and eat a cyanide pill
whenever people
saw through your act

you feel so entitled to
knock down on trans
were all a mixture
of female and
male qualities
yin and yang
so by disprepecting them
youre disrespecting
women as well

and god on the day you die
will condemn you
to plenty days of hell
for the fucking hipocrite
youve come to be
youre a run of a mill musician
youre a nobody
youre nothing but an
loser amongst a billion
other selfievideo losers
like your words held
any weight at all
youre a sellout
just like every other nitwit
come record contract out there
youre not unique

you dont know shit about pain
how about taking 100 sleeping pills
because youre as dark as sicily
which NOTHING is darker than
and then instead of falling asleep
youre as awake as a computer
completely lethargic
while youre family ponders
what ponce to rape you next

this goes on for the
month the sleeping pills
take to work their magic
and guess what
then you like being raped
and rape poison and
dismember the really
foolish and greedy
suckers back

so, like i said
rape my bitch if you
dare to question sicily again
and youll soon be her little buttboy
being sold as 1$ mincemeat
on dollarstores around the world

oh youre nat turner
good for you in your imaginary world
no, youre rottschilds illegitimate son
on the forefront of the
new world orders agenda

as a nonorthodox hardcore
the only real drug
ive taken in extremes
is cacao
i am south america, i am joe rogan
and youre fox news and neil young

no i dont do cocaine nor crack
i dont need that shit to stay serious
no i just have a
strong verbal imagination
i have never taken LSD
no i think with my throat
i dont pump MDMA
all day and night

and i can easily
talk work fuck walk write
for 18 hours straight
any day every day

because i dont succumb
to the emotionally illiterate
9-5:ers drink on fridays
take a blunt after work
and inundate their bodys
with cubic litres of alcohol
as soon as an excuse
to forget their pathetic
statistical halflifes
is imminent

av Rhiannon Kirin (ris och ros)

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