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i am not a warrior of love
i am not a warrior
i am not a lover
i am darkness
i am light
i do not win any fight
i forgive easily
i never forget
i write about you
i write about me
i write about me and you
i write forever
i love forever
i hate forever
i light forever
i live an eternal of eternities
i am prophet
i am legend
i am runes
i am norse
i am jovovich
i am milosovic
i am poor only joking
i am joke only pouring
i am the othala and the peorth
i am you i am me i am free
i am we i am cats
i am bellas 9 cats
i am all bellas 999 cats she has bred
i am bread and butter
i am sandwich and dandilions
i am poetry
i am the sea
i am written in sand
i am written in air
i am written in stone
i am written in emeralds
i am tomas from tumba upon hogslaby
i am thoth the atlantean
i am ganesha
i am shiva
i am buddha
i am the everything
i am the nothingering
i am a mermaid
i am a woman
i am a man
i am a gaylord
i am a fucking fagget
i am my mothers son
i am my fathers daughter
i am sara
i am johanna
i am virginia
i am rhiannon
i am kirin
i am older than toxoplasmos
i wrote the bible
i wrote the tanakh
i wrote the quran
i am manifest destiny
i am all of unicode
i am not the alpha and the omega
i am the iota
i am the space inbetween
i am my sisters son
i am my brothers daughter
i am a goodhearted muslim
i am a fucked up christian
i am an exile hindu
i am a horse
i am a pig
i am a cop
i am a free spirit
i am a donut
i am no hair
i am no skinhead
i am testosterone
through pure thinking
i am dark voice darker
than youd imagine
i am oxytocin
i am synthesized fenyletylamin
i am zombie
i am not awake
i am not asleep
i am the ukraine
i am russia
i am america
i am free trade
i am not evolution
i am not revolution
i am understanding
i am sofia
i am tokfia
i am zeus
i am seas
i am seaspie!
i am allyekhrah
i am baphomer
i am a cute huggly teddybear
i am bella
i am corona
i am sars cov 19
i am sars cov 01
i am fight club
i am 9/11
i am 112
i am every alarm call ever
i am all tones
i am all words
i am all languages
i am who you want to be
i am forgotten
i am vlad the impaler
i am dracula
i am elisabeth bathory
i am a blooddrinker
i am a adrenochrome junkie
i am bill and melinda gates foundation
i am bill and hillary clinton
i am longing for you bella
i am writing this for you only
i am writing for everyone who spies
i am a keylogger
i am a metaverse
i am a dyson sphere
i am masturbation
i am indoctrination
i am divine matriarchal flow
i am zero emotions
i am RGBY screens
i am quantum led
i am beyond whats beyond
i am cyberpunk 2077
i am dinosaurs -250 mil anno domini
i am writing this to you miss monroe
i am writing this to jfk and jfk junior
i am writing to your people
i am writing this to my people
i am writing to whoever listens
i am writing to whoever
gets happy from this
i am living to make someone laugh
i am alive in my death cage
i am metallica
i am alcest
i am incest
i am norwegian black gold
i am middle eastern oil
i am sand
i am quantum computers
i am all sand in the entire optiverse
i am an overlord and you are my simulation
i am bellas lover
i am julias lover
i am some more
i am more and more and more
i am less på det här
i am less på missär
i am less på besvär
i am peace love and happiness like my mother karin
i am a flower hippie without green thumbs
i am my sister but i am not sure how she pulled it off
i am super mario because i sound drunk without drinking
i am the best out of LSD like bella said once
i am forever with bella you cant take her from me dont you understand
i am la belle epoque
i am pök
i am stök
i am bök
i am gök
i am mök
i am omogen
i am no longer a teenager
i am now a tween
i am the space inbetween if you know what i mean
i am nineteen
i am thirty nine
i am sixy nine
i am six six six in six six tatus
i am getting more tatus
i am getting a face tatu
i am dare
i am regina lund
i am finland vs russia
i am molotov coctail
i am not that well thought of
i am fuck it
i am immortal technique
i am a bad joke
i am a really bad joke
i am such a bad joke no one laughs
i am the last joke and then i rebirth the universe
i rebirth the universe with bella
i will say tom! and bella will say bel!
and the new universe will be called
not really im just shitting you
the new universe are two precious people
a babygirl called kirin
and a habibi called rhiannon
theyre my sweethearts
i have never met them but its alright i guess
some douche shot kirin with a yugoslavian imported AK-4
but the psychiatry resusicated tessa
from about 50-100 beers
and bella does the rest