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although i am manic depressive

i do not self harm

in the traditional way

before i used to delete things

then i threw away things

then i did both

then i did try to kill myself

then this continued

then i found god

god speaks to me now

but he has always done so

i was just not listening

jesus is gods son

but jesus is also lucifer

light eventually turns to dark

and indulging in darkness in the light

eventually leads to being

treated to the darkness of light

you are protected by your brotherhood yes

but god is higher

though your brotherhood has rules

god does as well

they are not easy to distinguish

they are set in stone

but you will only hear them in the air

god speaks to you directly often

the question

do you hear voices

does not mean what you think it does

since the only thing that exists

are guardian angels and spiritual guides

you should not abuse their trust

because angels eventually turn to dark angels

and guides eventually just confuse you

though you have complete freedom

there are consequences for everything that you do

if you act from your heart in the name of justice and truth

no one can touch you

that does not mean

that if you cannot be reached

god cannot reach you

because he is everpresent everywhere

and knows everything about you

he knows your past

he knows your present

and he knows your future

there is a divine plan

but you can diverge from it

though it can seem to be easier

to do more wrong than good

it is because darkness

is stronger on earth

though in heaven no darkness exists

heaven can take many forms

freedom and happiness is heaven

but it is only so when you share

it with someone that loves you

eventually you as well

will need to grow up

and make someone

that you love happy

if you already have that

focus on them nothing else

since love is the only

thing that exists