I have not met many happy blondes (for serenity 28 february 2006)

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(28 february 2006)

For an other
sister not brother

For a long time
I believed the opposite
of passion was death
I was wrong
Passion and death
are implicit one in the other
Past the border
of a fiery life
lies the netherworld
I can trace this road
which took me through places
so hot the very air burned the lungs
I did not turn back I pressed on
and eventually passed over the border
beyond which lies a place that is wordless and cold
so cold that it like mercury burns a freezing blue flame

(from Marya Hornbacher's
1999 release Wasted:
A memoir of
Anorexia & Bulimia)

I am life
I am death
I am?
I am the alpha
I am the omega
I am the beginning
I am the end
I am every stories bend
Thousand stories to my men
I have package
I have the pack of ages
This feels right this feels not bright
this feels right this feels not bright
this feels right this feels not bright

av Seas (ris och ros)

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