I know you love me more tracey

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i love you tracey

and i know you love me more

because you are the truest

you are still an enigma

and thats whats so good

i learn new things from you

all the time

im happy to call you friend

and it was only after bella was gone

that i started talking about you

i talk only sweet things about you

and i have my darkness inside

which ruins you but i

build you up as well

since the start so many years ago

no one loves me like you love me tracey

and i dont want to lose you

this outlet

which might be selfish

but you like reading

i like writing

we are the yin yang

and ive started to like reading

since i read you

you turned me into a new person

i was so selfish before

and now ive met someone

who is like a son to me

even if it only lasted for a day

i learned a lot

thats where we differ

i dont want pleasure

i dont want to be bitter

i dont want to be sweet

i dont want to be mean

i only want to learn

i learn from writing

and the folks at allpoetry

are so sweet

some are tough

but i dont care about those

ive had it rough before

and i can handle it

im the other white meat

well wishes

from now and before and forever

tracey elena reed

tomas ove johansson

will you take her hand

will you take his hand

i will

i will

i will

yours forever and fornever

and always and before and a long future i hope even if its looking bleak

and your daughter is like a granddaughter to me

take good care of effie

and chris

and jeff

and all you care about

in your particular way

youre a good mom

and a good lover

and a good soothesayer

youre wiser than me really

im just a whacky whimsey weedball

and the shy true quiet sofia

so if you ever want a

lesbian relationship again

ill correct my gender for ya

id do it all

all for you



and future


in different worlds

which you dream and envision

av Sofia, Traceys Lesbian Lover (ris och ros)

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