I tried it all

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i tried everything
just everything
to be healthy and happy at home
if its not a happy home
whats the point?
but you have to challenge yourself
i had bought crocs
you know those happy shoes
with happy holes
and happy soles
to make you a happy soul
the problem was
ever since i bought them
it had been a blizzard
but now there was
point of no return
so i put on my happy shoes
and chose to go outside
i dared to say
to 2 people
one ached aged man
and one happy teenage girl
the ache one murmured
and the happy one
gave me a huge cheshire smile
then when i was almost at home
that mysterious neighborhood girl
greeted me and we chitchatted some
all around a good noon
i dont know how long i walked
thats the thing
e=mc2 is only for things resting
i cannot say when ive played
computer games
or been with julia or bella
that so and so time passed
it is a moment
and a moment can be a long time
or a short time
or forever painful
or forever lovely
this was alright
my feet got some snow on them
but as i was on the move
it didnt matter much
still have some inherent heat
well wishes anyone out there
in the ether

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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