I want to be a father (30 year crisis)

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i wanted to be a father

some months after it was

my thirteeth birthday

i was working for free

at a second hand store

i was sorting

all the multimedia

in a plethora of ways

so i hear some delinquents

which had community service

talking about videogames

so i show them the corner

where id collected all of them

one of the dudes

look at me

and as hes 1 head lower than me

he looked


to me

he looked up to me

like a fathers figure

thats when i wanted to be a father

a year later i finally met julia

there were a lot of julias after her

as it often is with first loves

and i made her pregnant

my first time was not over in 5 seconds

more like 15 hours

we just went at it

she guided my soul

via her moans

and i tried my best

it was pretty boring

like a computer game

but julia was so ravishing

a natural beauty

eventhough she was my senior

she taught me so many things

in the little under a month

we saw eachother


and i made her pregnant

i dont know what

happened to the baby

i knew its name once

something german and unisex

i think it turned to a boy

i was a father

at 30

when i wanted to

when i urged to

and it was so natural

jag älskar dig julia!

av Tomas Ove Johansson (ris och ros)

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