Infidels will be dealth with

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to her detractors.

she is a believer in god.

if you judge her, god will judge you.

and it is said do not judge unless ye be judged.

and how has she judged you?

you know that voice you

have in your head? that is god.

eventually that voice will be manifested.

you do not want to know what happens then.

those who are goodhearted also hear a voice.

but that voice gives them advice through life.

helps them to survive.

if it feels hopeless where it is now

know there is a better tomorrow.

just because someone treated you badly

does not give you the right

to do the same to others.

she is an artist. artists are creators.

they create from things people have destroyed.

you cannot destroy an artist.

because they will just make more art.

and if you do manage to destroy her,

how could you be happy about it?

and if someone did treat you badly

focus your negative energy

towards the right party

i know it is easy to

attack someone defenceless

someone with a good heart

but everyones fate is

the same in the end

do not make yours worse

you have been warned

do not make yours worse