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when people say
"nothing can affect me"
they mean nothingness can affect them.

they like indulging in mainstream media.
especially staring into a screen.
if you turn it off what do you see?
thats right. nothingness.

if you turn it on.
on a dead channel.
what do you see?
thats right. nothingness.

i prefer output from input.
i stopped watching tv
when 9/11 happened

you could look at the bad
and the good parts
but that was a major event

i could have done something else
except watching tv

i could have started
at fountain house

but i dont see how
it could have worked
with my mood then

i could have started at dörren
but i was a shut-in then
one single thing
teared me to shreds

theres nothing wrong with opium
enough and you rebirth
rebirth as a butterfly
or just...... rebirth

in many ways going all out
on opiate addiction
is similar to AIDS

your body turns pale
then transparent
then..... you just die

i do not know for certain
what happens after you die

hell is for real
and so is heaven

but heaven is on earth
in your mind

if you are a warrior
nothing can phase you

if you die as a warrior
you might rebirth into
something better

if you are a coward
you burn like a coward

cowards turn mad at anything
sad angry horny at anything

i am that coward
i dont look forward
to a future which doesnt exist
and if it does it looks bleak

av va (ris och ros)

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