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im completely unphased

by the palestine isreal thingie

i remember downloading a movie

the pianist

instead of

the piano

and it was just a

poor jew doing nothing

the whole movie

thats when i took a stance

but no

im mostly unphased

people are people

most people are normal people

these people dont kill people

they take care of people

their family

their coworkers

theyre good people

the mass media people

theyre the true murderers

remember how we had



"muslims are bad people"

(before corona took over)

and people swallowed the bait

or just got racist at anyone

now its either ukraine or russia

i know some russians

they are good people

and i fell in love

with an ukrainian woman

for a split second

and wrote about that before

so hey

people are people

people are good people

the massmedia system

isnt populated

by good people though

so dont trust them

with your emotions

with how you live your life

with how you write poetry

dont you get it?

the MSM feeds

off of your misery

theyre parasites

av Bellas Blomma (ris och ros)

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