It is called

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It is called


It’s only like that in your world
Because your world
Is your world
Is your world
It’s possible
to be reincarnated
It’s called
Infinite love
Instead of nitroglycerinous ego laser
It’s called sacrifice
Instead of hamstering
It’s called need
Instead of feed
It’s called insight
Instead of clownism
It’s called. . .
It has no name
It’s beyond anything
You ever thought you’d comprehend
The answer isn’t in yourself
Nor in others
It’s only in the one
Which really means something
Happy hunting!
Though. . .
It’s not easy
And it’s not collectible
But when you do find your
Everything you’ve ever learned
Everything that’s ever happened in your life
And everything you can fathom
And create and understand
Will come to pass

av Emma Sotz (ris och ros)

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