It is etletlien

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beautiful the sun kan be a tatooed as well
i dont know how you pronounce eadni
if its some elven dialect
i got a word in a dream
that word was
it means the place of the others
but i dont know elven that good
so it could mean other things as well
i was etletlien for a long time
when i was with the normies
it felt like i didnt fit in
i created my own rules
and heard that i would be
crowned as a king
then bella butterflysoul
and just as much
catqueen into my life
now im not ruler of that kingdom
but i am that anyway
because akari
is her real name
and she makes all
your dreams come true
her last name is harakiri
she has a sibling called akira
shes called theresia
in the mortal realm
dont know what it is in elvish
didnt like the lord of the rings
the books so much
but read them when
i was in my 30s
not in the teenage years
like my 2 geek buddies
they are somewhere else now
that can be called
etletlien as well
there are many kingdoms
in the elves world
which is their favorite
or where they belong
or where they work
i am not sure of
one of these was my
first last only
best friend
he lives next to an airport now
hes seemingly a
computer security expert
but he dreams and reads
of other world
and when hes drunk
he passes to the elven side
its a marvelous world
which i dont know a lot about
but the dream was true
maybe it wont be
incorporated for me
maybe for someone else
i wish good luck of yours
which does not fade
or sin just like that
and if they do
but if they do
it might be right
or wrong
but everything
happens as it does
and it put together
in an eternal dance
maybe when youre trans
maybe fake
maybe for real
maybe in etletlien
maybe in lothlorien
maybe in the tumba fort
maybe in bromma
maybe on an airplane
which really is a dragon
we should take
care of the dragons
they are our parents
they are goodhearted
they just have a
lot to care about
never betray a dragon
just as you wouldnt
betray a butterfly
if one comes and
lands on your finger
you shouldnt eat it
you dont want to know
what happens then
or maybe you do
either case
the land which is not
which etletlien is
kanske a lot of
loneliness and despair
it depends on how you see it
for me its another world
which only i live in
but i live it with others
which also live
in their own world
what theirs is called
they know only
it is called
art is self reflection
and everything is art
is the only thing that exists
maybe one day you remember
that there exist more world
than there are gnomes
and trolls and elves
and pixies and dragons
and demons and halfangels and gods
more than when youve wasted the lot
because it is all and it is neither
it is etletlien
it is me
it is you
it is cows that say amo
it is cats that say hiss
it is dogs which
dont care about dis
such and that way
it is etletlien

av Bellas Blomma (ris och ros)

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