It is etletlien II

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bella once said
that she wished
she could have birthed me
i dont know what that means
not innermost in the heart

this sounds like a lullaby
i said to miss mom
when i was young
when she tried to sing to me
that she sings badly

bella said though
that id always
been there for her
like no one else
so i was a better
father to her

i said mother earth
bella said father earth
is the moon male or female
or the sun who knows
it depends both maybe

bella didnt need a guardian
she was an elite athlete before
just someone who could make her
feel happy and loved

and a lot of emotions
and her heart beat again
even if it was 3000 faster
than the speed of light

i am 3000 faster
than the speed of light
i am a tachyon
the worse i feel
the faster time goes for me
jag dug up some lost poems
anxiety is the desert sensing
its all emotions at the same time

like a computer made of all sand
in the entire universe
its the first and the last thing
which exists sand
only sand
lots of sand
silicone oxide
its just green
like jade like emeralds

first the big bang wqas red
then it was hydrogen and oxygen
that is like water blue

then it wasw lithium when its alive its green
but it is memory as well
that is thing that have died
then its grey too

between the big crunch
and the big bang
is only darkness

but it is no colour
it is ether
it is opal
it is noise
it is energy
it is plasma

its the holy trinity
of virgin mary
and her children
jesus and his children

its a reversal of gravity

its the invalidation
of all rules you
used to follow

it is quantum physics
it is ancient croatian
it is the i-ching
it is fractal theory
it is the end of all theories

it is oxidated titanium fumes
it is set in stone
it is the easter island
it is shantung silk

it is all the money loosely based
on all the dimants on venus worth
made such by pakestani cotton rag

it is wool
it is flax
it is the most beautiful tone
it is the softest water
it is the strongest fire
it is etletlien

av Etletlien (ris och ros)

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