It is over

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It is over


there's nothing left
in your perfect relationship
the wind has faltered
there are no
storms anymore
the fire has snuffed
there are no volcanic
eruptions anymore
the earth has dried
there are no more
the water
has evaporated
there are no
the screen has fizzed
it's only noise these days
the ears are deaf
there's nothing you
can say anymore
the eyes only
see darkness
there's nothing
the noze is clogged
i have no need of your
shampoos & perfumes
the kinetic sense is desensitized
none of your kisses
can bring me back to life
the heart doesn't
beat for you
or anyone else
or even myself
the feet aren't moving
i'm chained in your
infinite torture
the hands don't
make any patterns
the ballads are over
it's over
it's over
it's over

av Emma Sotz (ris och ros)

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