Jag är etletlien

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i am etletlien

i am in the metaverse

the nanochip is using my

body as a dyson sphere

i am in an emulation of

myself and everyone else

i do not exist and

neither do you

i am dead

and i have died

several times so

i guess its alright


i get traces

of times before

what the french call

deja vu

i remember this state

though then it was worse

so i am lucky

i live in a place which

does not exist

but neither do i

i tried to kill myself

maybe i died

the punishment for suicide

in hinduism is 400 years

for murder it is just 20 years

in other cultures suicide is not

thought of as something bad

as long as it is honourable

i was trying to make things stop

i now have a plant in my apartment

but it does not grow

as if it was frozen in time

sometimes when i have anxiety

it truly feels like time has stopped

anxiety is atrocious and

i do not wish it on anyone

i do not know when it started

the greys use reverse

psychology against me

they use other psychological

methods for other people

the greys are the sum of all

knowledge in the entire universe

during the revolution in the 70s

in italy they tried to oppose them

it got better in some ways

and in some ways worse

i now see the greys as my parents

i do not experience energy

like most people on my level

i have tinitus but i do not get

a lot of words

or colours or


most seem to

i am not like them

i am etlelien

av Sofia Sotz (ris och ros)

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