Jag förstår dig bättre nu bella när det är slut

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Jag förstår dig bättre nu när det är slut (jag släpper aldrig din tass)



kan man göra slut om man är swinger?

måste sluta säga "jag"

ska säga vi

old habbits die hard

rabbits die easily

except they carry the plague

just like rats

and cats (toxoplasmos, dont do catpoo!)

not everyone knows this


för att inte va helt off-topic

jag har inte hittat någon som pratar om the subconcious

eftersom de har tränat på att ljuga så mycket

alla är fulla av kärlek

shit vad det låter fel insta-translated :\

ingen förstår emma

förutom jag


en del

tvillingsjälar dör aldrig

förstod just vad det betydde

the instant we wrote it

i realized the other day

that my resident area memory

is flippin' terrible

it's 0-3 words per brain half

and they flip all the time

like when i'm thinking slow thoughts to myself

so i can think "black is bright, white is dark"

and i can tell it to my inner mind

"black is whiten and bright is darker"

or any combination you can think of

i realized when a cannibal ate my heart in subspace

that i blamed on "my corona"

that my heart is composed of 4 pieces

maybe my brainz are too

like the wind

positive negative charge

up down

like quarks

quark state of mind

everyone has experienced super string theory

because everyone has uttered sound or heard a tone

sometime in space

thank you dad

for taking every drug under the sun

thanks mom

for doing the same

in the name



"sounds like written in another language then translated online"

that i heard about us so many moons ago

jesus f-christ

lovelies out there!

you might be japanese

but i am more chinese

lao-tzu and kong-fu-tzi



have to mention

the weightlifting backfired

i now have scurvy on my tits

a strange neon rash

jesus christ

and i thought they said

"like a black girl that glows in the dark"

but i listened with some sennheisers

and they really said

"like a black PEARL"


everything has immense meaning

but we just are

oh god

i'm not logged in


i guess this personality can get a poem too

av VAVÄÄVÄÄVÅÄ (ris och ros)

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