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this is for real

how to explain


i look back

and i understand

why things happen

over time

this is logical to me

i dont see other people talking about it

i cant call them normal people

because its the very personality

of a human i cant stand

its not really that

you take

an apple

a plastic bottle

some water

you spit in it

and you put the cap on

wait awhile

then you get an alcoholic bewerage


people can say that they dont drink

with this they mean

1 they havent drunk today

2 they only drink on fridays

3 they only drink on new years

4 they only put alcohol in their lungs and since its not drinking its not alcoholism per say

5 they used to drink a lot before and dont do it now

they can still do any of the other things

and if no one notices or cares

(anyone is bribable / mutable

without enough money)

they can drink a lot

wherever and whenever they want all the time

remember, its the lie that counts

nothing else


you can catch them drunk

they smell like melted intestines

they puke


and theyll still say they dont drink

it doesnt matter if you dont fall for it

because its the lie that counts

the character

which is just theatre

they insult you somehow

[about petty

shallow things

because thats all

they really are]

so you wont bring it up again

you see through their lie

this doesnt matter

they keep you in check

to make you seem like the fool

to continue the lie

this lie is called humanity

this lie is called humanism

this lie is called newtonian physics

this lie is called the universe

this lie is called reality

this lie is called you

this lie is called me

this lie is called