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i practiced junkfood heavily from 2019 to 2022.

now there is a change. i should make it happen.

i also started playing computergames after a 15 year hiatus.

i tried to quit it over and over again like food.

it did not really work. then i got hacked, and now i am hacked again.

it is for my own wellbeing and for the planets. maybe.

gods can be many perceptions.

in the olden days nothing was monotheistic but it was.

you see, everyone adored someone else in small communities.

this can be called the village elder

the village idiot or the joker or the bard.

i see no point in adding the author to this.

i am not good at coding it is just who i am.

in the orient copyright does not exist.

i like the east much.

i am from there in a previous life maybe.

the same goes for the balkan, especially yugoslavia.

they seem to be my people somehow.

i cannot say i know the suffering they have gone through.

maybe i do in some ways maybe i do not.

maybe i was a leader there maybe i was a serf.

everyone is just as wise.

everyone is just as special.

everyones heart has different desires.

it might not look like such

on the surface but it is true.

av va (ris och ros)

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